Lalique Hirondelles 8.5" Round Vase, Clear
Lalique Hirondelles 8.5" Round Vase, Clear
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Size: H 8.46" x D 8.46"

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of Lalique, the new Hirondelles collection takes us to the heart of the immeasurable heritage built by Rene Lalique. Lalique today reinterprets the figure of the swallow, herald of spring, symbol of happiness and freedom. Fashioned in satin-finished and re-polished crystal, the swallows are juxtaposed in a graphic play on repetition. Directly inspired by a creation of Rene Lalique, this piece depicts the beauty of swallows taking flight. With grace and lightness, they spread their wings with finely chiselled feathers. Illuminated with light they twirl around, drawing the eye into swirls of crystal.

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