Lalique McLaren Sailfish 24" Sculpture, Clear, Lost Wax, Limited Edition
Lalique McLaren Sailfish 24" Sculpture, Clear, Lost Wax, Limited Edition
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Size: H 14.96" x L 23.62" x W 6.69"

Resulting from an exceptional collaboration between Lalique and McLaren, the Essence of Speed collection celebrates the values of performance and excellence shared by the famous crystal maker and one of the most iconic and successful teams in Formula 1 history. The collaboration between McLaren and Lalique is a perfect fit. Both are leaders in their fields, with passion and dedication at their heart and a shared inspiration drawn from nature.

McLaren possesses an outstanding racing pedigree and, over the years, has honed its expertise and pursued a relentless quest for speed in its cars, which are renowned for their engineering art. Ren Lalique was also inspired by the other natural forms of Flore, Faune et Femme (flora, fauna and the feminine) and his iconic car mascots reflecting all three were some of his best-known pieces created in the 1920s and 1930s.

Fashioned in satin-finished crystal, the Sailfish is the third and last design after the Cheetah and the Falcon. It comes in a spectacular larger piece created using the lost-wax technique in an edition of 20 to commemorate the 20 Formula One World Championships that McLaren has won so far.

Limited edition of 20 pieces, piece delivered with a certificate of authenticity mentioning its number.

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