Lenox Signature Series Warm Region Wine Glasses Pair
Lenox Signature Series Warm Region Wine Glasses Pair
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Size: H: 9.5" Dia: 3", Cap: 20oz.

Experience your wine with this refreshing addition to Lenox's iconic Tuscany Classics collection. In collaboration with renowned sommelier, Victoria James, Lenox developed this carefully thought-out 4-piece wine glass set for warm region wines. It's simple: instead of matching your glassware to the grape, focus on where the wine was created. For warm climates, we crafted a glass with a deep bowl to allow the wine to breathe. Don't know if your wine is from a warm or cool region? Just ask your local somm!

These glasses are made of fine European lead-free crystal and feature a thin lip to help coat your palate and a naturally thin base for perfect swirling and aeration. We etched a unique icon on the foot so you know you're drinking from your warm region wine glass. The icon showcases a tiny circle with a thin line in the middle to represent the area of the globe closer to the equator. It's all a part of a collection designed to elevate your wine tasting experience with every sip.

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