Nachtmann Vivino Champagne Glass Glasses Set of 4
Nachtmann Vivino Champagne Glass Glasses Set of 4
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Size: H: 8 1/2" Cap: 9 1/6oz.

The Champagne Glass is perfect for light, fresh, dry champagnes, prosecco and sparkling wine.

Its slimline shape is great to encourage the bead in champagne and sparkling wine, making it the choice for those connoisseurs who are after a thin and elegant flute.

Elegant for every day, ViVino by Nachtmann meets the highest standards of stability, functionality and sustainability.

Their classic shapes and sturdy stem ensure they are durable and perfect for regular use. Each glass's design and function has been considered to show different wine styles at their best, and the packaging includes a fresh colour scheme to highlight each glass style. ViVino is a fantastic gift for all wine lovers.


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