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Rogaska Crystal Avenue Brandy, Pair
Rogaska Crystal Avenue Brandy, PairNew
Item # 1060373
Pair $110.00
Rogaska Avenue Round Crystal Decanter
Rogaska Avenue Round Crystal DecanterNew
Item # 1060342
Rogaska Avenue Shot Glasses, Pair
Rogaska Avenue Shot Glasses, PairNew
Item # 1060341
Pair $60.00
Rogaska Crystal, Maison Crystal Hiball, Pair
Rogaska Crystal, Maison Crystal Hiball, PairNew
Item # 1060767
Pair $100.00
Rogaska Pulse 12" Crystal Vase
Rogaska Pulse 12" Crystal VaseNew
Item # 1060398
Rogaska Crystal Avenue DOF Tumblers, Pair
Rogaska Crystal Avenue DOF Tumblers, PairNew
Item # 1060759
Pair $80.00
Rogaska Maison Crystal Decanter
Rogaska Maison Crystal DecanterNew
Item # 1062427
Rogaska Monaco Tumbler Blue Set of 6
Rogaska Monaco Tumbler Blue Set of 6New
Item # 1061673
Set $160.00
Rogaska Monaco Tumbler Green Set of 6
Rogaska Monaco Tumbler Green Set of 6New
Item # 1061672
Set $160.00
Rogaska Monaco Tumbler Rose Set of 6
Rogaska Monaco Tumbler Rose Set of 6New
Item # 1061671
Set $160.00
Rogaska Criss Cross Covered Box
Rogaska Criss Cross Covered BoxNew
Item # 1061666
Rogaska Criss Cross Frame 5X7"
Rogaska Criss Cross Frame 5X7"New
Item # 123655
Rogaska Elipse 5.9" Vase
Rogaska Elipse 5.9" VaseNew
Item # 1061660
Rogaska Elipse 8.1" Vase
Rogaska Elipse 8.1" VaseNew
Item # 113455
Rogaska Elipse 9.7" Vase
Rogaska Elipse 9.7" VaseNew
Item # 1061661
Rogaska Ripple Frame 5X7"
Rogaska Ripple Frame 5X7"New
Item # 40004698
Rogaska Zoom 5X7" Picture Frame
Rogaska Zoom 5X7" Picture FrameNew
Item # 119785
Rogaska Madame Grace Black 12" Vase
Rogaska Madame Grace Black 12" VaseNew
Item # 1061670
Rogaska Madame Loren 12" Black Vase
Rogaska Madame Loren 12" Black VaseNew
Item # 1061669
Rogaska Madame Diaz Black 12" Vase
Rogaska Madame Diaz Black 12" VaseNew
Item # 1061667
Rogaska Plant 11.8" Vase Matte
Rogaska Plant 11.8" Vase MatteNew
Item # 1061665
Rogaska Ocean Blue Plant Vase
Rogaska Ocean Blue Plant VaseNew
Item # 1061664
Rogaska Plant Vase Purple 11.8"
Rogaska Plant Vase Purple 11.8"New
Item # 1061663
Rogaska Plant Vase Green 11.8"
Rogaska Plant Vase Green 11.8"New
Item # 1061662
Rogaska Crystal 8" Prism Bowl
Rogaska Crystal 8" Prism BowlNew
Item # 1061678
Rogaska Prism 11.3" Bowl
Rogaska Prism 11.3" BowlNew
Item # 1061680
Rogaska Prism Centerpiece Bowl 13"
Rogaska Prism Centerpiece Bowl 13"New
Item # 1061681
Rogaska Prism Footed Bowl
Rogaska Prism Footed BowlNew
Item # 1061676
Rogaska Prism Vase 10.6"
Rogaska Prism Vase 10.6"New
Item # 1061677
Rogaska Prism Votive
Rogaska Prism VotiveNew
Item # 1061679
Rogaska Superior Votive 3.7"
Rogaska Superior Votive 3.7"New
Item # 120031
Rogaska Superior Bowl 8.6"
Rogaska Superior Bowl 8.6"New
Item # 1061675
Rogaska Superior Vase 10.6"
Rogaska Superior Vase 10.6"New
Item # 1061674

Functionality and Aesthetics

Steklarna Rogaska d.d. is one of the leading producers of crystal ware in the world and the Rogaska trademark is at the highest level in terms of price, quality and design innovation in its branch of industry.

We at Steklarna Rogaska are aware that we do not design everyday objects. We design balance between functionality and aesthetics. We dare influence and to a certain extent shape the feelings of the user with each item we make. We are aware of the power of beauty that crystal possesses and therefore we give it to people who can appreciate the nobility of the spirit, knowledge, culture and art.

Rogaska fosters and continues the tradition of old manual glassmaking skills as we do not want to see the extinction of this profession and activity. Thus we preserve the art of almost 350 years of making crystal ware in Slovenia. We preserve items that are often viewed as the showpieces of Slovene culture, knowledge and original ideas.


Steklarna Rogaska draws its rich knowledge of designing and making crystal ware from almost 350 years of tradition in the area of Trebusa, Pohorje and Kozjansko where the so-called forest glass huts could be found.

In the 18th and the 19th centuries, there were 14 to 17 glass foundries in the Stajerska region and the glassmaking industry was blooming in this area. Unfortunately, the use of coal as fuel for melting glass in the 19th century resulted in gradual extinction of foundries in the traditional glass huts.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the remains of the then glassmaking industry were merged and Viljem Abel, the owner of Merges Glassmakers built the glass factory at Sveti Kriz, the today's Steklarna Rogaska, in 1926. It started operating in 1927 and was extremely successful. In the last three decades of the previous century, it achieved great progress and expansion.

With more than 350 years of tradition in superior crystalware, Steklarna Rogaska creates and improves the ambient.


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