Royal Doulton Bowls of Plenty 16-Piece Set Mixed Colors
Royal Doulton Bowls of Plenty 16-Piece Set Mixed Colors
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Size: Dinner Plate: 11.3" Salad Plate: 9.3" Cereal Bowl: 6.3" Mug: 4.1" Bowl: 17.6 OZ Mug: 13 OZ

Versatile and modern, the Bowls of Plenty 16-Piece Set in Mixed Colors is inspired by the contemporary trend for wholesome meals. This set includes four Dinner Plates, four Salad Plates, four Cereal Bowls and four Mugs that is beautifully crafted in a mix of warm and rich glazes in dark grey, dark blue, plum and grey. Inspired by Royal Doulton heritage of half dipped salt glaze pieces, the hand applied clay impress and double dipping process creates a unique finish for each piece forming a 'perfectly imperfect' collection for everyday use. Presented in a stylish gift boxed set, this on-trend collection meets all your foodie needs and provides a striking way to serve and savor bowls of plenty for all occasions.


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As evidenced by the name, Royal Doulton enjoys the distinction of a "Royal Warrant" -- a mark of distinction bestowed upon people or companies who have regularly supplied members of the Royal Family with goods or services. Royal Warrants, regarded as a mark of supreme excellence and quality, cannot be bought or sold.

King Edward awarded the first Royal Warrant to Royal Doulton in 1901. The Doulton Company then became The Royal Doulton Company. Presently, the Royal Doulton brand holds two Royal Warrants, the Royal Albert brand holds two Royal Warrants and the Minton brand holds one.