Swarovski 2022 Dated Bell Ornament, Annual Edition
Swarovski 2022 Dated Bell Ornament, Annual Edition
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Size: Height: 3 1/2" ; Width: 3 0" ; Length: 3 0"

Ring in the holiday season with the Swarovski Annual Edition Bell Ornament for 2022. The beautiful hand-blown bell houses a modern three-dimensional, star-shaped crystal clapper with 264 facets, which makes a fantastic festive sound. Approximately 1,300 small crystals, each with a shimmering Moonlight coating, are hand glued on the upper part of the bell, adding a snow-like luminescence that is unique to every piece. Suspended from a golden lamé ribbon and topped with a bow and an engraved, crystal-studded tag reading '2022', the bell ornament is only available this year - making it the perfect gift to commemorate any milestones of the year.

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