Swarovski Myriad Kedari Falcon, Large, Limited Edition
Swarovski Myriad Kedari Falcon, Large, Limited Edition
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Size: 28 5/8" x 9 3/8" x 17 5/8"

A spectacular interpretation of the Gyrfalcon symbolizing power, freedom, and determination. Part of our Crystal Myriad collection, this breathtaking work of art is only crafted on demand and takes over 587 hours to create. The beautiful falcon stands attentively on a granite and wood base, displaying its natural grace and stunning plumage to bedazzling effect. An exclusive statement piece, Kedari, Large is adorned with over 7000 crystals in six different colors, set by hand using Swarovski exclusive Pointiage technique for maximum brilliance. Each edition, which is crafted on demand, comes with a certificate of authenticity. The shipping procedure includes insurance and a delivery notice.

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