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Swarovski SCS Little Star Ornament
Swarovski SCS Little Star Ornament
Item # 5476002
Swarovski SCS Fluffy the Lamb
Swarovski SCS Fluffy the LambNew
Item # 5518714
Swarovski SCS 2020 Edelweiss Pendant
Swarovski SCS 2020 Edelweiss PendantNew
Item # 5534887

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The phenomenal interest of crystal enthusiasts and collectors led to the foundation of the Swarovski Collectors Society in 1987. In the same year, the first edition of the SCS Magazine for members was first published. Then, the emotional interpretation of intimacy and togetherness - the Lovebirds - was created as the first SCS Annual Edition. Today, the SCS, renamed Swarovski Crystal Society, has more than 400,000 members in 35 countries worldwide.
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