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Charles Schumann, proprietor of Munich's legendary Schumann's Bar and author of the international classics American Bar, first published in 1984, has set standards for decades. He explains his motivations for developing the Basic bar Selection series of glasses; "I wanted to do something new. Bar culture is more diverse nowadays and the international influence has become much stronger. That's why it's important to also offer new interpretations alongside familiar classics." Charles Schumann is distinguished by his many years of experience, as well as by the courage to remain loyal to his own principles while repeatedly questioning and optimizing traditional ideas. The Schott Zwiesel brand embodies these same values.

The Basic Bar Selection line consists of tried-and-tested classics for the bar and also offers, with regard to its interplay of function and design, new sizes and accessories. The seventeen-part Basic Bar Selection series has been designed so that each glass highlights the specific character of the drink that's poured into and sipped from it.

Stemless glasses- Three conical glasses, six sizes, each tastefully designed with an intentionally thick bottom, form the basis for whiskey (whiskey tumbler), cocktails (tumbler Allaround) and long drinks (tumbler long drink). Alternately, three conically(stemless glass/ Soft Drink 1-3) tapering stemless glasses with slim walls and thinner bases are each predestined, depending on the glass's size, for freshly squeezed juices, vitamin shakes and nonalcoholic long drinks, as well as for water and latte macchiato.

Tritan Crystal: After years of study and research in collaboration with the University of Erlangen in Germany and extensive independent testing, SchottZwiesel has succeeded in creating a new Crystal Glass. By eliminating lead content from the glass composition and replacing it with Titanium and Zirconium a new superior crystal is born- Tritan Crystal.The Tritan composition along with new manufacturing technology exclusive to Schott Zwiesel delivers a superior Crystal Glass in its appearance, durability, and design. The Tritan Crystal is used by renowned sommeliers, restaurants, cruise lines and resorts worldwide.Additional strength added to vulnerable zones. There are three zones on a piece of stemware that are most prone to breakage:--the rim--the junction of the bowl and stem--and the junction of the foot and the stem.Schott Zwiesel technology individually tempers each one of these zones to give added strength to the tritan composition. The stemware resists chipping and breakage to stand up to the abuse of daily use. This technology creates lasting durability and longer life to the stemware, without compromising the aesthetic quality of the product.Dishwasher SafeTritan Crystal composition has been proven through independent testing to be completely dishwasher safe. After 1,000 dishwasher cycles there were no defects, discoloration, scratching, cloudy appearance, spotting, stains or breakage. Tritan Crystal by Schott Zwiesel will maintain its brilliance and look for the life of the glass.ResilientTritan Crystal is break resistant. Tritan resists the daily use you would normally give to your everyday glassware. Fine lead free Tritan Crystal resist chipping, scratching, and impacts associated with daily use.Brilliant Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal composition is the hardest most brilliant crystal glass in the world. Light passes and reflects through Tritan Crystal creating a clarity, brilliance, and luster that will remind you of a diamond.

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