Waterford Crystal Mastercraft Aran 13" Bowl
Waterford Crystal Mastercraft Aran 13" Bowl
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Size: W: 13.1"

The striking silhouette of the Aran 13" Bowl creates a statement piece, inspired behind by the rugged beauty and ancient craft of the Aran Island. Crafted in Waterford renowned pure crystal by skilled Master Craftsmen with a series of striking linear crystal cuts encircling the bowl, evoking the patterns of the famous Aran knits which have their own special meaning. Where the bold lines intersect, across the wide, narrow sided shape they form diamond shapes which symbolize fishing nets, bringing wealth and success from a full catch. Etched with the Waterford logo and presented in a signature grey Waterford box, the combination of beloved traditions and the quality and clarity of crystal make the Aran 13" Bowl a show-stopping item. Not only is this a stunning centerpiece, but one that reflects the spirit of Ireland, its beautiful landscapes and rich heritage.

Waterford Crystal

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