Waterford Crystal Mastercraft Aran 12" Vase
Waterford Crystal Mastercraft Aran 12" Vase
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Size: H: 12.0" W: 8.3"

The contemporary Aran 12" Vase is a captivating piece inspired by the wild rugged beauty and traditions of the Aran Islands. Expertly crafted by Waterford Master Craftsmen in brilliant crystal, the footed base gives way to gentle curves and a flared shape decorated with a series of bold intersecting crystal cuts which encircle the piece. As the linear cuts crisscross each other, they form diamond shapes which reference traditional Aran knitwear and create patterns that symbolize a fishing net capturing wealth and success. The expertise and skills of Waterford highly trained Master Craftsmen are evident in this striking modern design. Woven into the strong Irish heritage, the Aran 12" Vase is a stunning centerpiece ideal for floral displays or appreciated as a crystal work of art. Etched with the Waterford logo and presented in a signature grey Waterford box, the Aran Vase is a gift with a rich story to tell.

Waterford Crystal

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