Waterford Crystal Mastercraft Aran 10" Vase
Waterford Crystal Mastercraft Aran 10" Vase
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Size: H: 10.2" W: 5.9"

The captivating design of the Aran 10" Vase is inspired by the traditional patterns of the Aran islands famous knitwear, forming intriguing diamond shapes. The slightly flared shape of this footed vase, beautifully crafted by Waterford Master Craftsmen, makes it a striking contemporary piece, decorated with stylish linear cuts which encircle and crisscross one another from the base to the top. According to Aran islanderstradition, the diamond shapes symbolize the fisherman nets and represent a good omen for a generous catch, bringing wealth and success. The elegance of these intersecting crystal cuts and rich symbolism, combined with the rich Irish heritage of these islands, make the Aran 10" Vase a captivating piece. Etched with the Waterford logo and presented in a stylish, signature Waterford gift box, makes this a truly meaningful piece.

Waterford Crystal

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