Waterford Crystal Master Craft 8" Aran Annual Artisan Vase
Waterford Crystal Master Craft 8" Aran Annual Artisan Vase
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Size: H: 8.0" W: 5.2" D: 5.2"

Bringing together two of Ireland finest traditions, crystal cutting and the famous Aran patterned knits, the Aran Annual Artisan 8" Vase is a truly striking piece created by Waterford highly skilled Master Craftsmen.

Inspired by the Aran Isles, known as the Jewel of Galway Bay, this footed design has gentle curves and a subtle flared, contemporary shape which narrows at the top. The bold, crisscross patterns that encircle the vase, from top to base, intersect to form diamond shapes, which in the Aran Islands traditional knits symbolize a fishing net capturing wealth and success with a full catch.

The pattern is both striking and minimalistic yet shows all the expertise of Waterford most experienced Craftsmen. Ideal for a floral display or for decoration, the Aran Annual Artisan Vase is etched with the Waterford logo and presented in a signature grey Waterford gift box, showcasing Ireland inspirational landscape, rich heritage and folklore with the brilliance and clarity of crystal.

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Great Waterford Crystal video featuring the House of Waterford and master craftsmen shaping and cutting sparkling crystal gifts in a traditional manner, by hand.

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