Waterford Classic Lismore Balloon Wine Glass, Single
Waterford Classic Lismore Balloon Wine Glass, Single
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Size: H: 7.1" W: 3.7" D: 3.7" Cap: 8oz.

Our Lismore Wine Balloon 8oz. is ideal for those who love to savor wine, gin cocktails, or even mocktails as wee specially created this glass designed for you to appreciate the aroma and beauty in every sip. The refined, long stemmed design flows into a wide bowl which is elegantly decorated with the signature diamond and wedge cuts of the iconic Lismore pattern. Expertly crafted for brilliance and clarity, the Lismore Wine Balloon is designed to be a kay piece in any contemporary barware collection. Presented in our elegant signature Lismore box, making an ideal gift or the perfect piece for you to begin a collection of stylish Lismore glassware that can be used and enjoyed every day.

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