Waterford Lismore Nouveau Decanting Wine Carafe
Waterford Lismore Nouveau Decanting Wine Carafe
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Size: H: 9" W: 8", 60 fl oz.

Ideal for monogramming or engraving.
Aerate your finest wine in style with this striking Lismore Nouveau Decanting Carafe. This eye-catching crystal carafe is expertly crafted for stunning form and function. The wide bowl is specially designed to expose decanted wine to oxygen by maximizing the surface area, whilst its slender neck and reassuringly weighted base are crafted for flawless practicality and easy pouring. The combination of hand-crafted fine crystal and the intricately detailed cuts of our coveted Lismore pattern illuminate the carafes contents with stunning clarity: a remarkable spectacle that draws gazes on all occasions.

Waterford Crystal

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