Waterford Lismore Diamond Tall Crystal Decanter
Waterford Lismore Diamond Tall Crystal Decanter
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Size: H: 11" W: 6" Cap: 32oz.

The Lismore Diamond collection is a strikingly modern reinterpretation of the Lismore pattern, which includes Waterford's most advanced and original giftware statements. Lismore Diamond features horizontal cuts over alternating-height vertical cuts, which create light-refracting, diamond-like facets of unsurpassed prismatic reflectivity.

Synonymous with luxury and fine living, the Waterford Crystal, Lismore pattern has been Waterford's pre-eminent design for 60 years. Derived from the Gaelic lios more, meaning great ringfort, Lismore was inspired by the gothic architecture of the 800 year-old Lismore Castle in County Waterford, Ireland.

Suggested for serving purposes, not storage.

Waterford Crystal

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