Waterford Mixology Rum Cocktail Coupe, Set of Four
Waterford Mixology Rum Cocktail Coupe, Set of Four
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Size: H: 5.9'' W: 3.5'' D: 3.5'' Cap: 6oz.

This clear set includes glasses in the following patterns: Talon, Neon, Circon, Argon.

Discover the newest innovation in the art of fine crystal. Waterford Mixology. Mixology represents the latest advances in the science of entertaining from the Waterford laboratory of luxury living. With striking new shapes, inherently classic Waterford cutting techniques, and a spectral splash of trending colors, Mixology is a breakthrough of self-expression and personalization opportunities for Waterford enthusiasts everywhere. Waterford Mixology makes it easy to master mixologist's skills, advancing the unique chemistry between dramatic crystal barware and a world of exciting home entertaining adventures.

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