Waterford Crystal Happiness Toasting Champagne Flutes, Pair
Waterford Crystal Happiness Toasting Champagne Flutes, Pair
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Size: H: 10.6 W: 2.9", Cap: 5oz

Weddings are celebrations of happiness and shared love. The butterfly, a universal icon of joy, adorns the Waterford Happiness Toasting Flutes. Perfect for celebrations of life's happy events, and the ideal gift for any joyous wedding.

Waterford Happiness Toasting Flutes are an exquisite commemorative of this enduring love and everlasting commitment. Crafted with a sleek, pulled stem and unique Waterford cutting pattern symbolic of the occasion, perfect for the memorable toast to the day, and the memories to follow.

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Ireland and Waterford, an everlasting and inspiring beauty, matched only by craftsmanship of Waterford crystal designers and artisans. Celebrate the Season with this complete collection of festive Waterford Crystal Christmas Ornaments and Holiday figurines.

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