Waterford Lismore Rounded Crystal Decanter
Waterford Lismore Rounded Crystal Decanter
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Size: H: 9 3/8" W: 3 7/8" Cap: 18.6oz.

This stunning new Crystal Decanter will make a wonderful addition to your bar.

The Waterford Lismore Connoisseur Whiskey Series respects and reveres whiskeys of all varieties. What better way to complement your fine whiskeys than with a classic Waterford Crystal, Decanter? Proudly pour your single malt from this Rounded Crystal Decanter.

The Lismore pattern is celebrating 70 years in 2022. The famous Lismore pattern was created in 1952 by Miroslav Havel, Waterfords Chief of Design who drew inspiration for the patterns signature diamond and wedge cuts from the rugged charm of Lismore Castle in the idyllic countryside of County Waterford.

Waterford Crystal

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