Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence White Wine, Pair
Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence White Wine, Pair
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Size: H: 9.25" W: 3.3" Cap: 14oz.

Featuring the best-selling Lismore crystal pattern, famous for its signature diamond and wedge cuts, the Lismore Gift Bar Collection is inspired by the rich heritage of Ireland with pieces designed to be used and enjoyed. Retaining the brilliance and clarity of Lismore, the Lismore Essence White Wine Set incorporates a more slender, modern profile. Available as a set of two, it the perfect vessel to accentuate the subtlety of crisply chilled white wine. Stylishly presented in a new elevated grey gift box embossed on the border with the beloved Lismore pattern in black foil. This set makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

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