Waterford Mastercraft Aran Ice Bucket
Waterford Mastercraft Aran Ice Bucket
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Size: H: 7.68" W: 7.01" L: 7.01" Cap: 67.5 oz.

This beautiful Aran Mastercraft Ice Bucket is inspired by the wild rugged beauty and traditions of the Aran Islands. Expertly hand-crafted in brilliant crystal by Waterford's Master Craftsmen at the House of Waterford, this ice bucket is designed to put the finishing touches to your home bar or drinks trolley and is decorated with a series of bold intersecting crystal cuts which encircle the glass. As the linear cuts crisscross each other, they form diamond shapes which reference traditional Aran knitwear and create patterns that symbolise a fishing net capturing wealth and success. The expertise and skills of Waterford's highly trained Master Craftsmen are evident in this striking modern design. Just off the West Coast of Ireland lie the Aran Islands, the jewel of Galway Bay. These rugged islands are the home of the iconic Aran sweaters, where our Master Craftsmen take their inspiration for the Aran Mastercraft collection. Originally crafted for the island fishermen from local wool, these beautiful knits reflect the essence of the wild Irish spirit and landscapes. This crystal collection reimagines these traditional crafts of Ireland, mimicking the time-honoured skills of weaving and knitting in the beauty of crystal cutting.

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