Waterford House of Waterford, Powerscourt 10.8" Bowl
Waterford House of Waterford, Powerscourt 10.8" Bowl
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Size: W: 10.8" H: 6.6"

The beautiful landscapes, decorative metalwork and intricate stonework of the Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow, Ireland come together in a unique place of inspiration for this stunning collection.
Designed by skilled Master Craftsman, the Powerscourt 10.8" Bowl showcases the depth of cutting and the brilliant clarity of Waterford crystal featuring long, vertical V cuts radiating from the base towards a striking grid-like pattern of deep cross cuts that echo the elaborate metalwork design on the gates to the Estate.

Made in Ireland and presented in a beautiful Waterford gift box, this bowl makes a wonderful gift celebrating Ireland rich heritage and natural beauty.

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