Waterford Crystal Irish Dogs Madra Decanter Wolfhound, Frosted
Waterford Crystal Irish Dogs Madra Decanter Wolfhound, Frosted
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Size: H: 12.6" W: 4.7" Cap: 27oz.

Designed to bring people together, Waterford continues its Short Stories collection with Irish Dogs Madra barware. Madra is the Irish word for dog and the collection is an eclectic barware range celebrating Irish heritage and man's best friend.

Inspired by the loyal companion and Ireland passion for dogs, this Wolfhound Decanter honors one of Ireland most popular breeds. Representing the majestic Irish Wolfhound, this decanter stands tall and features a unique cut on the base reminiscent of the dog claw. A hand-sculpted clear crystal stopper depicts the undeniable likeness of the beloved Irish Wolfhound for a fun touch.

Combining a timeless design with a modern feel, the Wolfhound Decanter makes the perfect gift for any dog lover. Beautifully presented in signature Waterford packaging creating a very special gift for passionate dog lovers everywhere.

Waterford Crystal

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