Waterford Crystal Lismore Roly Poly Glasses, Set of 4
Waterford Crystal Lismore Roly Poly Glasses, Set of 4
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Size: H: 3.3" W: 3.3", Cap: 9oz.

Crafted for a connoisseur of Irish or Scottish whisky, the Lismore Old Fashioned 9oz. Set of 4 combines elegant style and everyday function. With a gently curved bowl that is elegantly decorated with the signature diamond and wedge cuts of our most iconic Lismore pattern, this versatile set can be used for a variety of spirits, water and juices. Each glass showcases the luxurious weight of pure crystal and the unrivaled clarity and brilliance Waterford is known for. Forming part of a stylish, contemporary barware collection, this set is presented in our signature Lismore box. It makes an ideal gift for you to give for a birthday, Father Day, wedding or anniversary or simply as a way to bring a touch of modern luxurious style to entertaining in your home.

The Lismore pattern is celebrating 70 years in 2022. The famous Lismore pattern was created in 1952 by Miroslav Havel, Waterfords Chief of Design who drew inspiration for the patterns signature diamond and wedge cuts from the rugged charm of Lismore Castle in the idyllic countryside of County Waterford.

Waterford Crystal

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