Waterford Lismore 4x6" Crystal Picture Frame
Waterford Lismore 4x6" Crystal Picture Frame
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Size: H: 8.9" W: 6.9"

Our Lismore Frame 4X6" is highly decorative and wonderfully luxurious, crafted with gently curved edges and shaped corners featuring the signature diamond and wedge cuts of the beloved Lismore pattern. The intricate cuts around the portrait style frame bring a modern style and elegance to your mantlepiece, coffee table or bedside table. This piece not only holds one of your precious memories, but can also mark a special moment in your life.
Elegantly presented in a signature Lismore box, the Lismore Frame 4X6" is the perfect gift for you to remember an engagement, wedding, birthday, Valentine Day or Mother Day by capturing the joy and happiness of the occasion.

Waterford Crystal

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