Waterford Crystal, Elegance Bordeaux Wine Glass, Pair
Waterford Crystal, Elegance Bordeaux Wine Glass, Pair
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Size: 9" 21 7/8" oz.
Waterford Elegance Red Wine stems feature a crisp rim and oversized Crystal Bowl to capture dense notes and allow full flavors breathing room. The deep V plunge concentrates the bouquet, allowing full appreciation of tangy tannins. Clear Crystal allows for visual appreciation of a red's many hues. The smooth stem and slightly oversized foot encourages a good swirl.
Hand made.

Ideal for engraving!

Tom BrennanHave your Waterford signed by Tom Brennan, Spokesman and Master Artisan!

Place your order anytime prior the event and we will have it signed and delivered. Any order over $89 will be shipped free of charge anywhere in contiguous U.S.!
Each signed piece is accompanied with Waterford Crystal Certificate of Authenticity. The event is on December 1, 2020.
Turn your Waterford into a family heirloom that will last for generations!

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View VideoView Video: House of Waterford Crystal (55 sec.)
Great Waterford Crystal video featuring the House of Waterford and master craftsmen shaping and cutting sparkling crystal gifts in a traditional manner, by hand.

Waterford Crystal

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