Wedgwood Sailors Farewell Teacup and Saucer Set
Wedgwood Sailors Farewell Teacup and Saucer Set
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Size: Teacup: 4.3" Saucer: 5.8" Teacup: 7 OZ

Sailor Farewell is the second collaboration between Wedgwood and renowned, award-winning interior designer Kit Kemp, whose style is about whimsical storytelling, color and imagination. The collection is derived from a fabric she designed for Chelsea Textiles, inspired by a beautiful drawing by John Craxton depicting a Sailor wife waving farewell. Blending Kit love of craft and simple, lyrical folk art, the sailor loved-one is waving goodbye on a rock with her scarf flying in the wind. As she waves, the witty motifs around each china piece show the sailor adventures on the high seas, both above and below the waterline. The rust red sails of his sailing ship pass by whales and merfolk fishing, there are two little dogs alone on the high seas, seagulls flying above the lighthouse and the enticing sight of a house under a palm tree on a faraway desert island. Below in the depths is a frogman, a curious octopus and the flashing fins of many fish. The delicate pale blue linen finish of the original fabric design is discernible on the tableware with a stronger blue and 22 karat gold hand applied lining around the rim.