Wedgwood Hummingbird 3-Piece Tea Set (Teapot, Sugar and Creamer)
Wedgwood Hummingbird 3-Piece Tea Set (Teapot, Sugar and Creamer)
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Size: Teapot: 9.8" Sugar: 3.9" Cream: 4.1"

Moving in a constant flash of tropical colours, hummingbirds truly are nature birds of wonder. Inspired by these tiny, fairylike creatures, and the English obsession with country gardens in full bloom, the Hummingbird collection pairs beautiful silky white fine bone china with exotic oversize flowers and playful birds. Intricately detailed with raised enamel and hand-finished with 22 carat gold, this tableware collection brings these independent, resilient and uplifting birds to your table. Live life in Mother Nature fast lane with Hummingbird.

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