Wedgwood Folia Jasper Rose Bowl Warm White 5.1"
Wedgwood Folia Jasper Rose Bowl Warm White 5.1"
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Size: H: 5.2" W: 5.9" D: 5.9" Cap: 1.3 L

Nature can be good for the soul from long walks in a forest with leaves crunching underfoot, the smell of pine needles on the air and the chirrup of birds, to simply catching some rays when dining alfresco. Fresh air and lush foliage are the inspirations for the Folia collection, each piece featuring organic lines and shapes that bring Mother Nature soothing salve to your home. The natural designs of flowers in full bloom and verdant leaves create a relaxing simplicity, which can be mixed and matched with bolder patterns and colours in your home to develop a unique den of zen.

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Designed and handmade in England, each piece is unique and a handcrafted piece of art. Frost resistant and easy to clean, fun Wedgwood Burlington Pots are made to be used as plant pots. The video shows the making process of Jasperware, a type of unglazed stoneware invented by Wedgwood.