Wedgwood by Hitomi Hosono Haruka Bowl Limited Edition of 5
Wedgwood by Hitomi Hosono Haruka Bowl Limited Edition of 5
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Size: H: 1.8" W: 11.4" D: 11.4"

The graceful Yellow Daisy Bowl is shallow, forming a wide-open welcoming shape in pastel yellow crafted by Hitomi to allow the cascades of hand-applied white bas relief daisies to run freely and as she describes it, "inhabit and chat to each other travelling in a group or being like a Milky Way in the sky or a sunny flower field.She chose the Daisy from the Wedgwood archives attracted to its tiny yet perfect shape with even petals radiating from its small center. Hitomi finds the Daisy has a cheerfulness about it and the potential to be applied in groups and clusters makes it a defining, exquisitely detailed theme for several pieces within the collection. Her Japanese title for the Yellow Daisy Bowl is arukameaning place with sunlight, warmth and flowers which exactly defines this beautiful bowl.

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