Annieglass Gold Ruffle Rectangular 11" Bowl
Annieglass Gold Ruffle Rectangular 11" Bowl
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Size: 11" x 7"

An undeniable classic, Ruffle is versatile enough to light up wedding celebrations or add a splash of 24 karat beauty in everyday life. Embodying wabi-sabi a Japanese aesthetic philosophy that embraces asymmetry and imperfection as enhancement of an object beauty and meaning.

This opulent, formal style is beloved for its versatility, flattering nearly every classic china pattern. With a thick, undulating rim of genuine gold or platinum, the Ruffle Collection is a coveted heirloom that lights up any celebration or even a casual dinner table.

Annie expert craftsmanship is on full display in these curving lines. This full collection of glass dinnerware, serving bowls, wine coasters, platters, cake stands, and home decor make Ruffle one of Annie most collected and cherished designs.


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