Annieglass Ultramarine Starfish
Annieglass Ultramarine Starfish
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Item# U227
Size: 8.75"

Adorn your table with the shape of water. Brilliant aqua- hued glass evokes bubbling rivers, foaming waves, and rippling lakes in the iconic Ultramarine Collection. Ultramarine evokes the soothing essence of water with vibrant turquoise shells, turtles, and freeform shapes.

Annie drew on the evanescent ripples and vibrant color of Monterey Bay to create this adored collection. This collection brings even more magic to the oceanic essence of one of Annieglass most recognizable designs.

Style tip: A dreamy gift for fans of turquoise blue, or as an addition for any beach-side retreat or lake house. Pairing Ultramarine and Frosted Shells together creates a tablescape reminiscence of ocean and fog, sea and sky.


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