Baccarat Harcourt Rhine Wine Glass, Single, Orange
Baccarat Harcourt Rhine Wine Glass, Single, Orange
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Size: H: 7.5" Cap: 4.4oz.

The Harcourt 1841 collection, the oldest in the Baccarat archive, is reputed for its iconic design. Created in 1841, Harcourt 1841 stemware has been chosen by historical icons from Pope John-Paul II to the Queen of Thailand and the King of Morocco.

The Harcourt 1841 Rhine wine glass showcases not only the characteristic architectural form of Baccarats famous Harcourt collection, but also a play on light and color thanks to an overlay of bright crystal. The stunning flat-cut pattern of the bowl, which sits atop a tall lean stem, is crested with a translucent coat of splashy crystal. The graceful Harcourt 1841 form is enhanced from every angle by the vivid hue, giving it depth and panache. The Rhine wine glass adds a modern and cheery flourish to the grand history of this storied collection.

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