Baccarat Dom Perignon Champagne Flutes, Pair
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Item# 1845244B
Size: H: 9 1/4" Cap: 5.25oz.

This Baccarat Crystal, clear Crystal Champagne Crystal Flute was named in honor of a key figure that advanced the standards of excellence in oenology.
Dom Perignon was a French monk who made vital contributions that improved both Crystal Wine quality and Crystal Wine production in the Crystal Champagne region. Just as his name is synonymous with exceptional cuvees, Baccarat Crystal, is synonymous with exceptional artistry and savoir-faire.
The stunning silhouette of the Dom Perignon Crystal Champagne Crystal Flute lean, sophisticated and sleek is the perfect piece of stemware from which to enjoy the finest bubbly and toast the finer things in life. The Crystal Flutes come in a, Set of two.

5 1/4 oz.

Also see the Baccarat Dom Perignon Decanter or the Baccarat Dom Perignon Toasting Flutes.

Baccarat Crystal

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