Baccarat Crystal, Massena Crystal Pitcher
Baccarat Crystal, Massena Crystal Pitcher
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Size: H: 9 1/2" Cap: 52.875oz.

Deep orgue bevel cuts are etched directly into the Clear crystal, irradiating along the ample rounded globe towards the base. Their intricacy, in turn, put the smoothness and lucidity of the upper Crystal Bowl into sharp relief. The stunning silhouette and prismatic optical effects of the cuts make the Massena Crystal Pitcher a great addition to any table, one that accents any festive occasion or special soire with a luminous beauty and optical splendor. The Crystal Pitcher is just one element of Baccarat Crystal iconic Massena bar and tableware collection, which encompasses Crystal Wine Glasses, Crystal Highball Crystal Glasses, and tumblers. All pieces from the Massena collection share scrupulously rendered orgue bevel cuts.

Baccarat Crystal

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