Baccarat Crystal Mille Nuits 58" Floor Lamp
Baccarat Crystal Mille Nuits 58" Floor Lamp
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Item# 2813181B
Size: H 57.48" x W 15.75"

The Mille Nuits floor reading lamp uses the same aesthetic vocabulary as the chandeliers, candelabra and wall units of the collection, as the beveled-cut crystal. Its balanced proportion and its height enables it to elegantly decorate bedrooms, living rooms or desk spaces. The central tubing, in polished stainless steel with a mirror finish, is fully covered with in beveled cut crystal and light plays with the material and its transparency of the upper drip saucer. The reading lamp is topped with a pleated textile lampshade and comes with a transparent plastic electric wire and switch. Baccarat and Mathias signatures are on the feet of the lamp. LED Bulb.

Baccarat Crystal

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