Baccarat Crystal, Harcourt Empire Large Decanter
Baccarat Crystal, Harcourt Empire Large Decanter
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Size: H: 11.9" Cap: 25.4oz.

The Harcourt Empire decanter shares the same structure as the Harcourt 1841 square whiskey decanter, but adorned with exquisite golden embellishment. Each flat cut side has gilded decorative shapes applied with a light hand, and a gold trim around the perimeter of both the decanters neck and base. The diamond-cut beveled stopper crowns the classical shape with geometric sophistication. The Harcourt Empire collection, a showcase of sparkling lucid crystal complemented by graceful gold, also includes a wine glass, highball glass, and champagne flute. Baccarats Rivoli stemware collection has gilded features as well.

Baccarat Crystal

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