Baccarat Harcourt Talleyrand Caviar 6" Bowl
Baccarat Harcourt Talleyrand Caviar 6" Bowl
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Size: H: 3.5" x D: 5.9"

For 20 years, Philippe Starck has extended to Baccarat his visionary look, twisting the icons of the brand to offer them a new destiny. Starck was inspired to imagine a collection of pieces combining heritage and modernity, elegance and ergonomics, strength and poetry.
Like black gold, Philippe Starck revisits the codes of the Talleyrand collection and imagines a caviar bowl combining refinement and ergonomics, for the most precious of tastings.
Made of two separate pieces in crystal: the bowl and the caviar-holder. The bottom holds the ice, in small cubes or crushed, and keeps the caviar, placed above in the holder, at optimal serving temperature. The bowl can as well be used without the holder for many other purposes as a dessert, soup bowl or catch-all.

Baccarat Crystal

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