Baccarat Harcourt Talleyrand Cocktail Coupe Glasses, Pair
Baccarat Harcourt Talleyrand Cocktail Coupe Glasses, Pair
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Item# 2815132B
Size: H: 5.9" x D: 4.6" Capacity: 8.7 oz

For 20 years, Philippe Starck has extended to Baccarat his visionary look, twisting the icons of the brand to offer them a new destiny. Starck was inspired to imagine a collection of pieces combining heritage and modernity, elegance and ergonomics, strength and poetry.
Presented in a sparkling cascade or held in the hand, the champagne coupe has always been a symbol of elegance. It is hand-cut by our most skilled craftsmen in the Harcourt flat cut style. A very versatile shape that can be used as a champagne coupe, cocktail or dessert glass. The Talleyrand rim is revisited with a higher angle and very fine edge. Special signature of the Talleyrand by Starck collection on the hexagonal foot.

Baccarat Crystal

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