Baccarat Harcourt Tulipe Coupe, Single
Baccarat Harcourt Tulipe Coupe, Single
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Size: H: 5.1" x L: 3.2" x D: 3.9"

Marking 15 years of collaboration with Baccarat, Marcel Wanders brings a touch of poetry and elegance with the Harcourt Tulipe collection. Marcel reinterprets Harcourt, giving it renewed modernity, while preserving its distinctive features. He maintains the glass original hexagonal base and transforms its 6 facets into petals, evoking the grace of a blossoming flower. The result is a beautiful contrast between the power of the base and the elegance of the curves. The tulip is often associated with love, positive sentiments and affection.

The coupe is a beautiful, versatile piece that can be used to serve food (starters, desserts, fruit, snacks, seafood, etc.), but can also be used for ornamental purposes (catch-all, jewelry, etc.). This piece is especially well-suited for ice cream, any dessert or appetizers. It is also beautiful decor on its own.

Baccarat Crystal

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