Baccarat Vintage Picadilly Tumbler Set of 2
Baccarat Vintage Picadilly Tumbler Set of 2
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Size: H: 3.75"

The purity and elegance of Baccarat creations transcend generations. The Vintage set is an invitation to journey back into another era with four timeless designs that have marked the Maisons history, from Art Deco style to the dawn of the 21st century. Each piece, enhanced by different crystal-cut motifs, captures the light in a play of striking reflections.

Ideal for mixology enthusiasts and spirits lovers alike, the Vintage set is a way to celebrate life and moments of joy with sparkle and refinement that defy the ages. Inspired by the vibrant center of London, the Vintage Piccadilly glass captures light in a striking interplay of reflections. Just like Piccadilly Circus, a place where history melds with modern life, the glass design embodies the harmonious alliance between tradition and contemporary elegance.

Baccarat Crystal

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