Baccarat Crystal Polar Bear Sculpture
Baccarat Crystal Polar Bear Sculpture
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Size: H 6 3/4" L 11 3/8"

Franois Pompon, a stone and wood carver who worked as Rodin's assistant, later became famous for his own tiny sculptures. Pompon crystal animals are part of the permanent collection at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris: they are modern collectibles that showcase genuine craftsmanship. Pompon three most famous sculptures are made using the original casts. This White Bear figurine, crafted in resplendent Baccarat clear crystal, beautifully refracts the light in a multifaceted way. The complementary Black Bear and Young Owl figurines are available in midnight crystal. Elegantly presented on a silicone-coated black base, each figurine is stamped with both the French Museum signature as well as Baccarat. The Pompon sculptures are a perfect gift for animal lovers and figurine collectors.

Baccarat Crystal

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