Baccarat American Eagle
Baccarat Crystal, American Eagle
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Item# 2101470B
Size: H: 9.63" W: 7.13"

This Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal American eagle honors this revered bird of prey with a strong visual authority and a masterfully detailed representation. The figurine stunning form showcases Baccarat Crystal, exemplary craftsmanship. Perched upon a rock, the eagle stance is commanding: its mighty wings are wide open, its beak is pointed, its gaze is fixed on some unknown target. The sculptural nuances of this proud creature yield a highly dappled effect that refracts the light. This eagle figurine is perfect gift for all animal lovers, and a perfect symbolic gift for those with a commanding presence. Baccarat Crystal, provides an alternative to the American eagle figurine with the Imperator eagle, which has smoother contours and is available in two sizes.

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Baccarat Crystal

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