Baccarat Imperator Small Eagle, Midnight

Baccarat Crystal, Midnight Imperator Eagle, Limited Edition
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Item# 2607782B
Size: H: 11.8" W: 13"
This Baccarat Crystal, midnight crystal eagle is a proud creature that showcases exemplary craftsmanship. The eagle figurine is perfect gift for at all animal lovers and people with a powerful presence.
Jan Tesar designed this remarkable figurine for Baccarat Crystal, honoring the revered bird of prey in all its stunning form. Perched on a rock, the eagles stance is commanding: its mighty wings wide open, beak pointed, gaze fixed on some unknown target.

The Imperator eagle is crafted using a complicated process that involves a plaster mold, a clay mold, special ovens, and meticulous craftsmanship. The resulting contours are smooth and polished.

Baccarat Crystal

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