Baccarat Crystal, Massena Large Wine Decanter
Baccarat Crystal, Massena Large Wine Decanter
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Item# 1344322B
Size: H: 13 1/4" Cap: 30.4oz.

The Baccarat Clear crystal Massena Wine Decanter is an eclat of sparkle and refinement. Its polished silhouette is worthy of display and use for any festive soiree.

The decanter features an acutely textural aspect, resulting from the artful and scrupulous lines etched into the corridor between the neck and orb-like base of the decanter. This, in turn, puts the surface smoothness on each side of the neck in sharp relief. The decanter is topped with an exquisitely crafted stopper cut like a diamond. The Massena decanter is part of the larger Massena Clear crystal bar set, which includes wine glasses, flutes, and tumblers, each of which share the decanters meticulous textural qualities.

Baccarat Crystal

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