Baccarat Harmonie Round Crystal Decanter
Baccarat Harmonie Round Crystal Decanter
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Item# 1703341B
Size: H: 12 5/8" Cap: 26.5oz.
This Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal Harmonie Round Whiskey Crystal Decanter has a trim, streamlined silhouette. Consecutive parallel lines travel cleanly along the form, subtly grazing the clear crystal bottle from its base to its shoulder.
The lean stripes bring a textural quality to the surface, showcasing the three-dimensionality of the Crystal Decanter and creating a visual depth to the whiskey within. The tall beveled stopper, which resembles a stately top hat, adds linear emphasis.

The vertical sweep of the striping is also present on other pieces of the Harmonie collection, which includes Crystal Highballs and tumblers. All of these pieces complement a well-stocked bar for the smoothest of drinking experiences.
Baccarat Crystal

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