Chateau Baccarat Oenoogy Decanter
Chateau Baccarat Crystal, Degustation Decanter
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Item# 2610986B
Size: H: 10 2/3" Cap: 43.3oz.
Decanting a Crystal Wine releases its aromas and smoothes out the tannins. Inspired by the taste-vin silhouette that sommeliers use, this shape aerates the Crystal Wine and allows it to achieve its fullest aromatic body. The wide base tapers at the neck to opens up the notes and fill the vessel with a concentration of rich complexity. The Chateau Baccarat Crystal, collection takes into account the changes in the Crystal Wine market and has, accordingly, crafted a stylish and cunning shape. Perfectly suited to the discerning vintage connoisseur, it is a sophisticated bar accessory worthy of any festive soiree. The Chateau Baccarat Crystal, Wine Glasses complement the Crystal Decanter with their equally exquisite form.
Baccarat Crystal

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