Baccarat Everyday Grande Highball, Set of 6
Baccarat Everyday Grande Highball, Set of 6
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Item# 2809881B
Size: H: 5.5" Cap: 11.8oz.

A set of crystal highballs offered in six iconic Baccarat cuts: Pontils, small diamond cuts, deep vertical and horizontal beveled cuts, and small flat cuts. The mix and match trend now offered in a new size is perfect for cocktails, long drinks, beers and more. The glasses are versatile and can be used for multiple daily occasions, day and night; morning, brunch, lunch, tea and cocktail time, with cold or hot beverages. This box contains 6 highballs: the Beluga, Etna, Vega, Biba, Stella and the Rosa.

Baccarat Crystal

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