Baccarat Crystal, Harcourt Talleyrand #4 Tumbler, Pair
Baccarat Crystal, Harcourt Talleyrand #4 Tumbler, Pair
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Size: H: 3.5" Cap: 7.78oz.

Baccarat Crystal Harcourt Talleyrand tumbler revisits the classical Harcourt 1841 collections regal architectural form.

The Harcourt 1841 collection, created in 1841, is the oldest in the Baccarat Crystal, catalogue and reputed for its iconic design.The Harcourt Talleyrand tumbler shares its multifaceted flat cut panels, but enhances the Harcourt 1841 tumblers linear outline with a shapelier structural silhouette. The base of the tumbler has a hexagonal shape that subtly expands outward, and then lightly curves at the lip. The nimbly crafted shape of this graceful tumbler beautifully refracts the light and showcases the sparkling lucidity of the crystal. The perfect addition to a well-stocked bar, the Harcourt Talleyrand tumbler is an elegant way to sip and savor a smooth drink.

Baccarat Crystal

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